1 Up with Hiragana Pets Men's

$ 30.00

Shirt Sizes

1 Up with Hiragana Pets with our concept art. A shirt inspired by a classic that started in the 80’s, green mushroom with life giving abilities created with our art style. Five Hiragana were used to create the 1 Up, “Mu”, “No”, “I”, “Hi” and “Ya”, all mixed in and placed together to create the image. The Hiragana have been drawn in different sizes but not changed to make the mushroom and the 1 Up. Wear a 1 Up shirt and we will “life up” shelter pets by donating to NKLA.

The Hiragana that makes up the Design are outlined.

 む “Mu”, の “No”, い “I”, ひ “Hi” and や “Ya”

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