Dog, "Inu" 犬 Shirt for Men

$ 30.00

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Our dog is sure to put a smile on any dog lover’s face. This Hiragana Pet's cute face is created with four Hiragana and the Hiragana are "No" の, "Hi" ひ, "To" と and "Shi" し. This simple but cute いぬ “INu”, dog in Japanese, has gone throw many changes. Like many things the more simple the concept the more difficult to master and creating this Dog was quite the challenge. The first image looked like a squished dog or to some people it looked like a horse. We had to really make some big changes to create the Dog we have now. Every Hiragana is now placed and sized properly to make the cute Dog we have now.

The Hiragana that makes up the Dog are outlined.

Hiragana Chart

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