About Us

Hello we are Hiragana Pets (ひらがな ペット) with Japanese Hiragana and our imagination we have created several unique pets. Hiragana is the basic phonetic alphabet for Japanese writing. There are 46 hiragana symbols in Japanese, each with a particular sound but with no independent meaning. For example to write the word Hiragana we would use ひらがな, for HI for RA for  GA and for NA. We are here to share a cute and innovative way to use Hiragana for the world to enjoy.

Hiragana Pets logo and Hiragana Chart

Henohenomoheji (へのへのもへじ) is the inspiration for Hiragana Pets. As you can see Henohenomoheji is a face that uses Hiragana to create the Face Image. for HE, "" for NO, "" for MO and "" for JI. School children in Japan draw Henohenomoheji to make learning basic Hiragana fun. We have taken the cuteness of henohenomoheji and taking it to the next level with the cuteness of animals. Note:JI is the Hiragana Shi, but with a Dakuon 【濁音】. The Dakuon 【濁音】is represented by the two dashes to create the different sound from JI () to Shi ().

henohenomoheji and hiragana chart